Fried Fish in Salted Soya Bean Gravy

Fried Fish in Salted Soya Bean Gravy (Ikan Goreng Taucu)

This is one of my hubby's favourite dishes. Personally hubby & I prefer a kind of sea-fish (Scomber spp.)/Ikan Kembung. Besides that you can use Spanish Mackerel (Scomberomorus spp.)/Ikan Tenggiri. Crisp deep fried fish will make the taste very appetizing!

Serving: 2-3 person
Duration: 30 minutes


4-5 Scomber spp./Ikan Kembung (to mix with Turmeric powder)
2 Onions (Sliced in round shape)
2-3 cloves of Garlic (Sliced)
1cm Ginger (Sliced)
1 tbsp of Soya Bean Gravy/Taucu
1 tbsb Tamarind Paste (use the juice only)
1 red Tomato (cut into 6 pieces)
1 red Chili (Sliced)
1 green Chili (Sliced)
1 cup of water (depends on your favour)

  1. Deep fried the fishes until crisp and put aside.
  2. Heat up a little cooking oil.
  3. Add in Garlic, Ginger, red Chili, green Chili and Onions until fragrant.
  4. Add in Taucu, Tamarind juice, Tomato, water and sugar if you like until boiled.
  5. Pour over the fishes and serve!

TIP: Too much of Taucu can be very salty!

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from my motorhome to yours said...

that fish looks great, we love trying new fish dishes, I am your new follower

Tika said...

Hi "from my motorhome to yours"!
Thanks for joining me...
I hope you enjoy my recipes and looking forward to know your feedback when you've tried it out.
Happy cooking!!! :)

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